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Klarbrunn Products

How do you pronounce Klarbrunn?

The literal translation of Klarbrunn is “clear spring” and is pronounced “Claire-Broon”

Are your bottles BPA free?

All of our bottles are BPA free.

Where can you purchase Klarbrunn products?

Our locations are constantly growing, please click here to contact one of our customer service representatives and they will send you a list of locations nearest you.

How is your water filtered?

The water is purified using a reverse osmosis filtration system, which removes impurities and minerals. Our facilities utilize ultraviolet light (UV light) and then ozone gas (ozonation) to purify the drinking water.

Are Klarbrunn products gluten free?


Klarbrunn Sparkling Water

Does Klarbrunn Sparkling Water contain any sweeteners?

There are 0 sweeteners, 0 calories, and 0 sodium in Klarbrunn Sparkling Water.

Where is Klarbrunn Sparkling Water sourced?

The water is naturally sourced from an underground aquifer located deep within the earth.

Klarbrunn übr Water

How many electrolytes are in übr?

There are 27mg of electrolytes per liter of übr.

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